Inverting spread order

I d need to invert the order of a spread …

reverse? = Reverse (Spreads) node

or Reverse (String)
or Reverse (Color)
or Reverse (Spreads Advanced)-plugin with BinSize

yep thank you, that s what I needed
Now facing the idea of re-spreading a spread… :)
Let s take the FFT node for example, and make it send out a spread of 128, but I want it to be cut down to a spread of 89 (just to use a weird number), ideally I d need to have the 128 slices recalculated and re-spread over the 89 slices, it would also be lovely to be able to offset the beginning and ending points…
Is it possible?

that would be Resample(Spreads), which has several interpolation types. to adjust the spread offset/length you could put a GetSpread before…

mmm seems like this is the right node but I can t get the result I expect.
I am connecting the output of the fft node to the resample(spreads) I expect that if the fft outputs a spread of 128 (that is the sampling frequency is split in 128 slices) then with the resample node I should be able to get the slices reduced to, for example 50, the less the slices the wider the frequency each slice embracse.
Am I right ?