Invert video frame

Hi guys

I,ve trying to invert the video frames of an filestream so they play backwards i,d like to make a loop going backards or normal (normal i did with framedelay), i try changing the speed to negative also inverting the start and end , using framedelay in duration and out in start and so on
nothing worked ¡
, i want to scratch 2 videos in the same time one going normal and the other backwards .

thank you :D

I think this is a Codec Issue.

From the Codec FAQ:

"Reverse Playing
We dont think there is a windows codec, where “speed = -1” works. Please prove us wrong.

If you need to playback your video in reverse one way could be to encode it in reverse and append it to your video. when you need to play in reverse seek to the according position at the second half of your video and play from there."

ok ,

The thing is that rendering the clips will cause time and more hd
space having 2 clips from the same normal and reverse .

I can play the same clips in reverse in a vj app so mgith not be the codec

searching for reverse i found in that :
playing videos (alpha, speed, reverse, contrast, b&w,…)so it might be posible ?

the closer aproach was playing with and lfo reverse filestream ans frame delay but it was not very good .

sorry i do not understand this :

when you need to play in reverse seek to the according position at the second half of your video and play from there.

thanks for your time ;D

the technique i use for reverse video is using the indeo 5 codec with keyframes set to every frame. then set filestream seek mode to 1 forever and control the playback with the seek position. works on every machine i have but never tried insane resolutions though.

is this helpful ? (225.9 kB)

HI ,

I use Indeo with keyframes set to every frame too ,
I attached a little patch for you to see ,
How to make a loop going in reverse play ?
How to make a clip going forward and the other backward ?

thanks ;D

ScratchEG.v4p (20.6 kB)

as a start try speed = -1 for playing reverse.

hi Kalle
tried speed = -1 already not working for me

analyse my patch please…its all there. using the seek technique and a prepared video u can play it in whatever fashion u want.

if u want 2 videos doing different things u will need 2 filestreams as well. no way u can access frames of one movie with one filestream in more than one way…unless u read the frames into a buffer…which is not neccessary i think.

but maybe i just dont get what u are trying to do ;)

i wanted to scratch the same video into 2 diferent filestreams one going normal and the other reverse and control both from one slider only , my original idea was to control this with just one filestream , yes i can sort of manage now with the lfo trick i think

thank you all :D