Invert intrinsics - apply lens distortion


just got the instrinsics of a specific lense using the imagepack, applied the information to the undistort shader to fix the lens distortion of the camera image…so far so good.

what about i want to do the opposite, distort an image with the captured lens distortion coming from intrinsics. any hint ?

u prolly have to invert something in the shader…

antokhio, yeah…of course. you can also invert the distortion values and somehow hit the goal but it seems its not just that.

because inverted it looks like that…seems scaled

maybe one of you brainics already did something like that, fake an real life lens in vvvv with intrinsics

i think this is quite normal, since on the first picture image is actually over scaled this one is under scaled since this is an inversion and the scaling factor is also inverse weather u have to invert all but the scaling factor (if it’s persist).

well it’s really hard to tell what to do without seeing the code, if post your lens intrinsic, small patch, and shader might help a bit ;]