Inverse (Transform)

I’ve had the Inverse node return an incorrect matrix for some input matrices I put through it (using SetMatrix to accomplish generic 4x4 matric processing). Its implementation might need to be validated.

The .NET implementation in VVVV.Utils.VMath is correct, so for now I’ve worked around the bug by putting this functionality in a plugin.

hello, can you report your findings in more detail? or send an example patch? as far as i know vvvv uses the inverse function provided by the directX api…

The attached zip file contains a minimal patch and a plugin implementation of Inverse for comparison. They should be extracted to the same directory before opening the patch.

Background: The only correct result of multiplying a matrix by its inverse is a unity matrix, as the patch shows on the right. Therefore the wildly different values shown on the left demonstrate that the existing Inverse node is unusable for some inputs… (3.8 kB)