Invalid src mod for second source param

I somewhat often get the error “invalid src mod for second source param” in the shader compiler. I have no idea what this error means and it always happens on completely valid code.

the following line presents no problem
radius = 1.0 - abs( radius - 0.5 );

this line however generates the error, referring specifically to this line
radius = 1.0 - abs( radius - 0.5 ) * 2.0;

Reordering instructions or separating things specifically with parentheses makes no difference. I usually just have to find a different way to do things. I’ve never seen this error in rendermonkey or MS’s spfxc [any version](any version)



helo eos.

strange. never seen this. can you save a shader when it has this error and post it here?

which version of directx do you have installed? do you probably have the sdk running? set to debug or retail?