Intersect with Segment

Is it possible to create an interface based on the segment node? Not a pure circle, I can figure that out with Cartesian, but was thinking about Hexagon shaped buttons.

hm, since Segment (DX9) is only DX9, you can’t push it into an Intersect (3d Mesh Ray) directly (i guess this is the pointy end of your question?) …
i guess for best performance you’d build your own hexagon (maybe using majortoms Pillow N (DX9) module), save it to an XFile and use XFile (EX9.Geometry Load) .

Wow Diki, thnx this was exactly what I was looking for :)

Now I kind of ‘faked’ it, using an xtra renderer, an white image off the hexagon, and a pipet. Like: when you are on the button AND in the white, you are on the hexagon

But this is sooo much better, thnx :)