Intersect question

hi all, i’m trying to find the common elements of 2 spreads with different lenghts. so, searching on the forum and around, i encountered intersect, that seems to do the job. but i encountered a strange behaviour. i attached a simple patch that explains the doubt. in this case i have 2 spreads to compare, which has 2 number in common (23 and 39) but intersect find only the 39. what am i doing wrong?

intersect.v4p (3.1 kB)

i made some other tries, so i discovered that if you put a 55 instead of 54 in the second spread it detect it but the 23 continues to be not detected, and if you put a 7, another number present in the first spread, intersect see the 23 too… i’starting to think that is a bug

strange behaviour;
at first i thought setting epsilon to 0.0001 would help; but nada.

IMHO this belongs into bugs.

but if you swap the two inputs , it works.

hey kalle, i tried all the things (epsilon too) but i don’t thinked about swapping the inputs… i hope it works in the real case too (the spreads are dynamical and comes from 2 gridpicks connected to a contour)

Think you found a bug there? When you place a SORT node between the 12 slice spread, and the Intersect, it does give you 2 answers.