Intersect Problem

Hi guys,

I have a problem with this intersect mesh. The mesh is nowhere near the line, but still it registers a collision.

Anyone can take a look?
Patch and mesh attached.


Doros (380.8 kB)

I am still really baffled with this problem, cant seem to understand what is going wrong.

Does the intersect node registers a collision between the line and the mesh?
Or does it register a collision between the line and the mesh transforms coming out of the skinned node?

Didn’t look too far in to your patch, but maybe this helps? The transform pin on the intersect node may have been incorrectly attached.

Btw I’ve been looking for a workflow for bringing animated dae in to vvvv, what are you using? (380.6 kB)

Hey thats everyoneishappy it seems to be working now!

As for my workflow is like this:

I am doing the animations in maya, export them as FBX, import in Max and export as collada using the openCollada plugin.

The OpenCollada plugin is available for maya as well, but for some reason it just doesnt work for me. I did spent a good week on it trying to identify the problem and at the end I gave up. Through max it works perfectly though.