Intersect Mesh b30


has Intersect (mesh) changed in b30?
Just opened PointEditor Node and the helppatch is preeeetty slow…
The Bottleneck seems to be the Intersect node in debug mode (~300000) oO.


please try to be more precise. there is no Intersect (EX9.Geometry Mesh) in the helppatch of PointEditor (3d).


Its inside the PointEditor Module and there inside the VisiblePoints Module.
Seems that the Problem exists since b29.2.
b29 everthing is working fine.

The intersect in the PointEditor is a legacy node tried it with the new one also, but same same

marked it on the Screenshot


cannot reproduce. opening that helppatch is not slow. also the debug-value for that intersect node is around ~60 over here. are you testing with the default-teapot or any other mesh?

hmmmm okay got it …

I had /dx9ex enabled in both versions.
Without, the intersect node is working fast again.
What has it to do with each other?

even with /dx9ex i could not reproduce it. can you upload the exact patch and the mesh which caused this? thanks!

Hello Tonfilm,

since it is some time ago i had that issue i tried to reproduce it now, but seems that the intersect node is workung properly now.

But i had reinstalled my OS in that time and have Optimus disabled by BIOS now, as well as updated all Graphics drivers…

So maybe the Problem was due to some of those reasons.


think we found this nasty bugger. please test in upcoming alpha by opening the MeshEditor help patch and see whether the VisiblePoints patch consumes a few 100k ticks or just around 30k-40k. also test with multiple monitors…