Intersect/Button accuracy Problem

Only in DX11 I have a Problem when using Camera Softimage and Buttons, that when I set the Cameras distance to let’s say 500, I can’t use the Buttons anymore, The registered intersection area is somewhat off the Quad. In DX9 there is no such problem…

I used 33.7_x64, I will try the x86, too. I uploaded a patch showing the problem.

intersect_problems.v4p (8.5 kB)

ok, same Problem in 33.7x86

I need to use a FOV of 0.25 to get pixel-perfect typography and 3D-animations. To correct the perspective distortion I need to have a far distance. and with higher distance there comes strange precision problems. Too bad.

mostlikeley u doing something wrong post ur patch

Your far plane is set to 100, so with initial distance of 500 you’re out of the frustum, hence button doesn’t show/work.

Hey vux, thanks, but I was setting the Farplane, Initial Pitch and Initial FOV already, but vvvv didn’t save that properly. So you can’t see the problem…

But! I found my Problem, I accidentially set NearPlane on Camera to 0. That was causing the intersect to get some rounding errors… It wasn’t a DX11-Problem at all…