Intersect between several circles

Hi people,

I´m trying to calculate the intersections between circles, but intersect spreads doesn´t work as i want, maybe i´m doing something wrong.

any tip would be great.


CirclesIntersect.v4p (20.5 kB) :)

Could you please not post patches that are in fullscreen? Thanks :)

(To vvvvebmaster: Perhaps posting patches should check for Styx and some other likely “misbehavers” and print a small warning underneath the downloadable patch?)

Sorry for the full screen,

Tonfilm i´ve tried to implement the formula but i have some problems of representation when Y is different to 0, could anybody take a look?

maybe there is a more elegant way to do that, any tip?



IntersectCircles.v4p (47.3 kB)

after copy&paste the code example to a plugin and it didn’t work, i saw that you mixed up diameter and radius of the circular spread… (29.5 kB)

Hi tonfilm,
the next time i have to be faster ;) i´ve just finished it but with expressions

thanks, you make me refresh my maths ;)

2CirclesIntersect (2d Geometry).rar (5.1 kB)

Hi Tonfilm,

is it possible to return nil values in a plugin?