Intermittent frame glitch SOLVED

Hey all!

I was experiencing an intermittent frame glitch, where every 3-5 seconds I’d get a 0.2-0.5s pause in rendering.
This would often be reported as ML (mainloop) limited in the PerfMeter.

I tried

  • An empty patch with just a Renderer and PerfMeter
  • DX11 and DX9
  • Switching to another computer with AMD instead of NVidia
  • Different versions of VVVV

Nothing made it go away

Then I realised I’d had issues recently between Chrome and Visual Studio Code. (Having them open at the same time often caused one to lock up. Presume because they both use chrome for rendering, and chrome uses some funny tech for dealing with GPU).

Anyway. Quit all chrome.exe’s in the Task Manager, and voila!
No frame glitches!

Is this a known thing?


Good to know, thanks elliot!

I had something similar with visual studio plugin, vvvv and windows defender. Dunno if you did that already but i added Visual Studio Project folder and vvvv to exceptions in the defender list.

It’s easy to check, in task manger when you run vvvv.

What is Visual Studio Project?
Is it same as Visual Studio Code?

Please note I don’t actuallt have Visual Studio Code running at all when the glitch happens with vvvv. Just any chrome.exe opened causes the issue

I’ve meant plain Visual Studio Community.

Anyways doubt it has to something with anti-malware process in your case.
But you can look in the Task Manger if some app is jumping around 60-90% of your cpu while vvvv is running.

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