Interleaving video capture card?

I have a Hauppauge 166 (4 composite in, 1 svideo in) which is based on the BT878 chipset.

I’m using NTSC (30fps) video standard

I recently discovered I can only capture from one input at one time. Is it possible to have interleaving video capture off of this card? Say, if I could do 120fps, and switch between each input each frame? Can this even be done with my hardware?

If it could, would everything need to be genlocked?

How would one accomplish this in VVVV?


btw, I replaced the stock drivers with btwincap.

switching the input of the card is possible and genlocking all the inputs would probably get you rid of some delay while switching (not sure about that though). i’d rather go for multiple cards as suggested in the other thread.

I have the spectra 8, using 4 video ins, you continuously get frames from all inputs and then could switch between them in software rather than swithching the inputs, that way no delay.