Interface workflow suggestions

Hello there,

I know interfaces are not officially supported yet, but since I’ve been using them quite heavily over the last months, thought it would be a good idea to collect some suggestions here for when they’ll be an official thing :-)

So, the first thing is that it’s a bit tedious for now to implement interface operations - one has to make the class implement that interface, search for its definition, and then Space + drag to select the pins and their operations and paste those in your class. But then you’ll miss operations that don’t have any inputs or outputs, and would have to recreate those manually…

I would suggest two things :

  • Being able to instantly jump to the interface definition from the patch explorer : either by making the interface name a clickable-link, or middle-click, whatever is handy :)
  • Being able to automagically implement the interface’s functions. Like maybe right-clicking on the interface name in the patch explorer, and then having an “Implement all operations” entry that would create the pins and operations

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