Interface pc - dmx

does someone know where to purchase products enttec (opendmx usb) in europe, especially in italy?
or another device pc-dmx usable with vvvv (through rs232 or lan or usb) economic.


hi paolopix !

in france ESL : south of france, should be quick. you need to enter key word enttec on their site

be aware that you cant discuss directly with an open inside of vvvv. you need to use little_cat for this.

enttec open is not opto isolated, so your computer may be damage from any electrical shock coming back thruth earth cable of the dmx. but in a low commercial range, its really the best product around

enttec PRO for this purpose is really more interresting, also it lets you make in and out ( but not at same time), so it can be usable for many purposes ( manipulating video from sliders of a light board ).

west had written also a very nice patch to discuss with enttec pro without any additional app.

Same approach could be done normally but with a real time to take to work on it : USBDMX.COM or DMX512-ONLINE.NET, or DMX4ALL devices, as they are using vcom drivers and are based in FTDI chipset. just notice that only the DMX512-ONLINE will receive a buffer. Dmx4all and receives channel after channel. Wich means that they could be very accurate if you manipulate fiew channels, but not at all accurate if you intend to manipulate a lot of channels

DMX4ALL are cheap
but also the lamest around.
driver module at kalle.modules.devices.

Enttec ODE is IMHO the very best choice.
ArtNet for less than 200 €.

thanks thousand for the suggestions.
I think that Enttec ODE both the best choice. The system artnet seems very interesting.
but in the site that karistouf recommended me there is not.
it would serve me know a retailer European enttec that sends in italy.


a curiosity: if I have a converter rs232-rs485 the output of rs485 is it already dmx? linkable to a dimmer? or no?

some time ago i ordered a Enttec ODE directly via for testing purposes. It was shipped within only a few days from australia to me (germany). The shpping cost was € 30,00 and the VAT (in Germany 19%) has to be added to the € 199,00.

The ODE works fine without problems and I would agree with Kalle that the Enttec ODE currently is the best choice if you are looking for a affordable but also high performance DMX-interface for vvvv.


hi paolopix usually the sending from autralia is 10 days to europe. but yu can drop a mail to enttec to know if they can ups you one, or say to u wich resealer near to you. they are very nice and your aswer will be quickly treated.
if 200 euros is the range you can afford, yes enttec ODE is best choice around !

europe distributors: