Interest in London vvvvorkshop

Dear all,
I’ve heard from a few Londoners who’d be interested in hosting a vvvv workshop sometime this summer. If we get more attendees, we might do it.

Are there more people on this vvvvorum interested? If so, please drop us a line (reply to this thread) about what user level you are and what topics would be interesting for you. We’ll get back to you via mail.

bis später


Hi Max,

Id be interested in coming along as long I’ve got some time, I did think about organising a workshop myself but have been too busy…
I’m fairly advanced, hack slash style patcher, I suppose, although theres always more to learn, Im mostly interested in coding shaders really, and 3d maths!
Although I’ve never messed with sensors either.
Definalty keep me in the loop though


I am from the Netherlands, but I would realy love to come to London for a VVVV workshop. Been to Frankfurt 2 times, the Meso HQ, but I am eager to learn more!!

Yep i live in london and would most definately be interested in attending a workshop. I would say im approacing intermediate stage, but heck what does that mean?, we are all masters of our own little areas.

There is nothing i wouldn’t like to learn about a little more!

ey up,

i guess im a relative beginner - know my way around the basics but certainly could do with some outside insight…

im based in leeds but would definaltey be up for travelling for a workshop, in fact i know a few people who would be interested in this…


I would love to attend a VVVV seminar.

My VVVV user level is neophyte.

I would be interested in practical examples of screen spanning, including multiple screens on one computer as well as using Boygrouping.

VJ SpanK

when shew VVVV come to mexico’
I need help


I’m interested. Any idea when and how much?

I’m an endless tinkerer interested in interactive/re-active video installations, feedback and the possiblity of using vvvv for other uses, eg, data processing. Hmmm, not very specific ;-)