Interactive slideshow

Hello Every one,
I’m looking forward to make a slide show that be controlled by external buttons connected to Arduino , the slide show is ready as a Flash (SWF) file, is it possible to control the Flash file using vvvv ? .

appreciate any help

don’t think so about swf

Thank you antokhio for your reply,

but what about flash?

I would like to do some thing like this:

i’ll appreciate any help

you can try to make some html file, include in it swf, and open it with HTML Texture node, but i doubt it will work
your best bet is to export all the graphics to images or sequences and use that

thank you antokhio, i think this is a god solution

all my regard

I had the same question 4-5 years ago…the answer is forget flash and do everything in VVVV…

But if you like…I was able to get a connection between flash and VVVV but just with action script 2.0.

Yes, there is the Flash renderer. haven’t looked that way for many years though

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