Interactive shadow


for an interactive installation project, I would like with a video tracking capture the silhouette of the spectator and use it as a mask to reveal a video
I tried with BackgroundSuppression Shader but I have not had a good result
I wondered if I could do that without using eyesweb only vvvv



can you help me?


what’s your problem? capturing the silhouette or using it as a mask?

Ciao defetto

I think use a firwire cam to capture, but how to use the silhouette as a mask and have a clean result


once you have a clean silhouette (black background and white silhouette), you should be able to use it as a texture on a quad, put the quad on top of the video and give it a multiply blend mode. this should make it.

Hi mister hay ;D

you can use a few ways to do that , here is an example , the mask shader is very cool for more options too, the mask module i showed you once could be used for your purpose also .

hope it helps


MaskVideoByVideo.v4p (17.8 kB)

upps answering in the same time hehe deffeto you were first ;D

thank guys, great patch simple and effective. I seek the best way to catch the shadows. with eyesweb it seems fairly simple.