Interactive rotation of a sphere


I am working on an interactive installation for a number of upcoming exhibitions. Among many other things that the installation is about, the idea for viewers’ interaction is that she will be able to rotate a sphere up and down and right and left by clicking (or in that case hovering - as i am using kinect) 4 “buttons”.

For some temporary insanity reason I can’t sort out a very very simple thing:
I have a globe (as you know) and made 4 “buttons” with togglebutton - so that a viewer can rotate up and down and left and right…
I used damper and S+H to make sure that when i.e. someone rotates up and then stop rotating up, the globe stays in the place, so that when then someone wants to rotate right, the globe will turn right starting from the position it stopped before.
I got “up” and “right” works fine, but can’t get down and left working properly…I used switch for up and down, and switch for right and left…
But that gives me a problem i.e. when after rotating right I want to go left, switch makes S+H globe position going to a previous one - so that sphere instead of starting from the last position is making some sudden unspecified movements.
I know it is about sorting S+H values in such way so that those values can be picked regardless which direction a viewer wants to chose.

I am still a nubee in VVVV and although I have managed to patch a lot of complicated things, today I got totally stacked that quite simple matter. The time is running out as I have to have all ready within next few days,so please - if anyone have a quick solution - that would be highly appreciated! Am attaching a patch to visualise what I mean.


rotating_sphere_interaction.v4p (49.8 kB)


just a quick one.
you should read somthing about Spreads.


rotating_sphere.v4p (18.6 kB)

Hi Phlegma,

THANKS! yes - I know - spreads - moment of panic and insanity took them out of my brain. ANyway - your help is highly appreciated! Thanks again!

Olygamy :)

here is a quick fix… the key is the integrate node, which saves its state over the frames and takes an incremental value. and you should learn about spreads.

rotating_sphere_interaction.v4p (23.4 kB)

oh, i should update my sites sometimes… but you can learn from both.

Hi Tonfilm,

THANK YOUUUU! I suppose I am learning so many things at once lately, sometimes it all gets a bit messy. Really appreciate your help - THANKS A LOT! You guys rock here ;)


sounds like also Rotate (Transform Successive Vector) could be useful here. its helppatch doesn’t really help, but i think you could use it…