Interactive Lego Game


I am trying to build a Lego game where users can drag and places lego blocks and build them up as they wish. Some thing like this: but probably much simpler.

Any suggestions on approaches I can take?


for start break up your idea into individual programming problems and ask those.

If you feel like you cannot even see where to start, you should first give up on some ambition for the moment and start out with just following and combining tutorials of either vvvv/vl/gamma or other languages out there.

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Thank you for your reply microdee.

I will take your advice and try to break it down further.

Currently I have started with an assign to slot basis logic when 2 legos are close to each other using the distance 3d node but it seems like that the distance may not be measured from the center of the 3D object.

Depends, on wich format your 3d object is, some formats do pretransform, you can try with obj, it dosn’t need any extra transforms if exported correctly…

Oh I see, currently I have been working in collada(dae). Will try it with obj and see if it works.

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