Interactive Interface and Motion Tracking Project

Hi, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in helping me develop a project in vvvv for science fair. I wanted to use vvvv to create an interactive ping pong table, where you could see where the ball was hit and develop various display views for data. I am fairly new and am working through the awesome tutorials but if anyone would be willing to push me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Also, I want to use ps3 eye cameras.

Any help would be great.

This is a bit of a heavy task unless you do some OpenCV programming in background.
In any case your first goal is to separate ball from the table, specially if u want to have a projection on top. I would start with ultraviolet light and a ball that gonna glow with the color you not gonna use in the projection (orange for instance) and a single camera located directly on top of the table. Then you can try to use FreeFrame ColorTracker plugin and track that color. I don’t know if speed gonna be sufficient, but then we might be able to speed this up using a compute shader instead…

Thank you! If I did do this, would I be able to get the ball to interact with the projection? I was thinking along the lines of having the ball hit the table and that spot turn a different color OR have a specific spot already projected (lets say an open circle) then when that spot is hit by the ball, the circle is filled. I am still learning the finer workings of vvvv but, I have plenty of time to develop and create my final version of this. Please let me know if you would be interested on working on this with me…

maybe you can get some inspiration from this similar sounding project:

That is sort of what I want to do. I don’t really need the calendar, racket/user login, magnetic ball, distraction training or training activity descriptions but it would be great to replicate the serving part and develop some other ways to measure accuracy. He also does not approach the topic of spin but I feel like that would be insanely time-consuming. Thank you for showing me this! Its very similar to what I was thinking of doing. How did he project such a formatted display onto the table, and make it responsive??? Is there anything out there that I could use as a basis for my project?

Thank you

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