Interactive Grass

Hi all.

Well, I’m incredibly new to vvvv. I find the best way for me to learn is to approach a large interesting project in chunks, it seems the only way I can keep interest in new software is to do something that interests me on many levels. So, to get to grips with this very new world of vvvv I have decided to try to create an interactive projection. I have some questions if you’ll indulge me.

<> I want users to interact with the projection by body movement. By using a video camera pointed at a back-lit white wall, set to expose for that wall, will vvvv let me use the silhouette’s created by people or objects moving in fron tof that wall? In other words, will I be able to use position and speed to control objects in vvvv?

<> How simple is it to modify graphical objects in vvvv? I would want to hand draw then scan blades of grass, then use a dynamic wind to make them sway in vvvv (the wind being driven by the people mentioned above). Can I warp graphics a little to drive this sway?

<> Will I be able to have a seed pod ‘cling on’ to a seed unless the wind is above a certain amount? Above that given number the seed pod will blow in the direction of the wind (again, driven by the people). The seed will have to go a certain distance before it will pop and deposit itself upon the grass bed.

<> I then wonder if I can grow a new seed pod at that location which will be effected as seed pod 1, this continues untill the users have filled the screen with seed pods at which point I’ll be very happy. :)

I understand it’s a huge list, and a major project for somebody very new. All I need right now is ‘yes it is’ or ‘no it ain’t’ possible. And if it is, a point in the right direction, I am not wanting people to just tell me how step by step, but a word for me to research.

If this is in the wrong place, sorry.

Take care all.


Everything sounds possible to me ;)
U can create grass by 2 ways…directly inside a shader or by using grid and arbitrary point nodes…

helo larky,

for your tracking purposes check the nodes listed here. you shall find what you need.

make sure you read everything on “Spreads” you can find in the documenation. you’ll need that.

browse the \girlpowers and ask more specific questions when they arise.

have a nice patch.


Thanks for the replies. Sorry joreg, I can’t see where those noes are, it sends me to a new post window?? Desamismundi, arbitrary point nodes sound fun and also sound good in conversation so off I go in research mode. :) Grid are cool to, as you can show that in your making of sections and they always look cool. I have learned that anything, no matter how simple, must look good to impress people who fund research. ;)

Take care all, and please if anybody has any 3D questions in regards to Maya, Lightwave, etc please let me know and I’ll sort them for you. Been doing 3D for feature for 10 years now, it is odd starting anew again and knowing very little.


sory. link fixed. see above.