Interactive Gallery


I am trying to do some sort of interactive gallery. The scale of the images shall be dynamic. Images in front of people are displayed larger. The source images have no common aspect ratio or dimensions. See the attached scribble.
If the people approach each other, the images in between need to get smaller and smaller, and at best rearrange above each other.

In the next step I want to exchange the images according to the people in front of it. But at the moment I am already stuck at the gallery itself.

Seems like I need a kind of flexible grid for the dynamic arrangement and size of the images. But I have no clue how to achieve this… Any hints? Or has anybody even done something like this before?

My current efforts include a modified version of the “Fisheye Scroll GUI” Patch by diki - which I cant get to work with several “Fisheyes”…

Any ideas?


setting.jpg (110.0 kB)

maybe you could use points to vector. check this tutorial:

That is not really hard to achive, how do you track peopole, how many projectors do you have? You can try to use Pipet + Framedifference combination to get the grid that you want. Try to see my webcam watchdog module to sort this thing out:

ant-pipet (Watchdog).v4p (17.8 kB)