Interactive floor projection


I am trying to duplicate the attractor effect on this video,

but i am not coming with any results!

i am using attractor 2d, all the interaction is working fine except the flower effect and how they react , the way the open and then close again after a while !

can anyone help me please ?

thank you ! :)

oh and something else,

i am using an ip cam to capture video for tracking, what is the best way to input the feed ?

html renderer ? or shared memory node ?

  1. how do i get it to read mpeg since it is only reading jpeg sequence and showing black when it is on mpeg mode!
    2.if shared memory how do i get the #…?

thank you !

Hi! I’m from Canada, and my friends and I made some software to make this really easy. It might be a good starting point. It works with a regular USB web camera or the Kinect for Xbox, and you can try it for free - it will run on any computer. You can find an effect really similar to the one you linked to here:

Just upload your own background and some pictures of flowers.

We also have a contributor’s program so if you buy the software, you can make effects and donate them to the website to get them for free… they just have to be your own artwork and they can’t have logos or pictures of people.

If you need help, just use the contact form on the website. Hope this helps!

@pomoproject nice…I will divulge…

Thank you @pomoproject

Can anyone suggest solutions with vvvv please?


Try to remember the position of the attractor and then slowly to reduce the radius and delete the slices, may be a queue or…
For the tracking check the video tracking tutorial/thread


Hello Dai,

Kinect depth map worked well for me in a situation.

Kinect depth map > Levels (for crushing black) and then use the texture with contour node… Now just open attractor help patch and replace the mouse source with your contour XY position. Hope it helps.

Thank you guys for the help!

Iam able to achieve the tracking with the tracker node! It works perfectly with my IR ipcams!

My questions are the following:

  1. When im using html renderer, i cant see the feed of the ip cam unless i put it in jpeg mode it is not showing in mpeg mode how can i fix that?
  2. Is there anything i can use other than attractor to move the particules away from each others like in the youtube movie in my first post?

Thank you!