Interaction between vector Z (kinect) and Filestream node speed

hi everybody!!

i’m a beginner of vvvv and i very need your help (sorry for the bad grammar :P.) I’m trying to make an interaction between the VECTOR Z of the skeleton (using a kinect) and the speed node of Filestream. But I need to MANUALLY set some of the values ​​of the z vector range, and transforming them in values for the filestream speed node. For example, when i go forward to the kinect at value 2000, the speed node become 4 so the video go faster, if i go forward at value 1500, the speed becomes 5 and so on ). So the question is: is there a node that allows to set manually some values for the z vector that react only if i ‘reach’ them? I put the patch to show you the work (the middle is the missing part).
Thank you so much :)

interaction vector Z - video speed.v4p (15.5 kB)

when i am transforming kinect skeleton for 3d space, i usually use apply transform, but in your case, magical node map (value) should do the trick

and maybe you will also need avoid nil, when no one is in scene

yes :) the map node can be usefull, infact i need many ‘ranges’ of values, not single values, i’m wrong in the post. But how can i link the ranges of vector z to the single values of the speed (i’ve already set 1, 2, 3, 4)? and how can i set the speed values to the omonimous pin of filestream node in order to make them ‘interchangeable’? i’ll post the patch (the lower-middle part is the problem).
thank you and sorry for the bad language again :P

interaction vector Z - video speed.v4p (20.1 kB)

Does map (value interval) help?

yes it does, because in this way i can set the intervals of the vector Z, but now i don’t know which node allows TO LINK the ranges of Z (the vector z of the skeleton kinect)to the single values i’ve already set for the ‘speed’ pin of Filestream :( (see the patch in the post above)
thank you for the help guys

What does it mean? You should be able to link Output point of map node to Speed of Filestream. Both share the Value data type, so you should be able to link them.

In a first instance I thought you might need some help with map node. I was wrong, but there it is, a patch with a filestream node too.

And, just in case, Speed pin accepts one value at a time: you cannot feed it with a spread. Only first value will be evaluated.

kamy41.v4p (12.3 kB)

Thank you for the patch h99, the interaction works :), but the output value of the speed is variable, and then the video goes like jerky and sometimes stops. So I wanted to know:
1 - if it is possible to select 4 values ​​’stable’ from the the z axis spread
2 - if it is possible to link the 4 stable values ​​of z with as many 4 speed values​​, so that the latter are activated one after the other when is reached the corresponding value of z.

Ah, yes. Try MathRound (Value) node between map and filestream; set Digits to 1, to have, for example, 1.5533~ rounded to 1.5.


You are welcome.
Why don’t you take some time to make a video of your job, upload it somewhere (youtube, for example), and post in here?

yes :) surely after the exam, THANK YOU AGAIN