Intel RealSense SDK

Is anyone else entering the Intel RealSense Challenge?

Last time round @Herbst created an awesome plugin:


…this time round Herbst said he will most likely use Unity (booo hiss).

If anyone is working on a new plugin please let me know, otherwise I will attempt myself!

Anyone interested in doing a proper implementation as vvvv-plugin?
Please get in contact if so.

for the brave who will do the proper implementation here is something to start with:
that’s a half made implementation with face tracking and streams working only, didn’t bothered with hand because face was enough for me. It’s not async either because probably i was not doing something right but i couldn’t manage to get the async pipeline to work in vvvv, so it will block vvvv until a new sample is ready. running the blocking pipeline in a separate thread doesn’t work either because unsafe parts of Intel’s SDK for C# throws an access violation exception.