Integration of high-quality graphics


we want to bind in a graphic, preferable vector graphic, in VVVV.
The graphic should be high-qualitated in fullscreen-mode. We have to use the EX9-Renderer as output.
If vector graphic isn’t possible, which other possibilities do we have?

Nature Tweak

which kind of graphics format do you likt to use? flash is possible, somewhere i’v seen an .eps importer… btw: vvvv is vector graphics…

Some graphics which we builded in Adobe Illustrator. It doesnt really matter which format as long as the graphic is very clear in fullscreen mode.
We already used Flash, but then the performance stucks :-(

was there a solution to this naturetweak? - I would love to do the same

try importing your vector graphics into a 3d program and save them as X files.

or try creating fonts out of your graphics and use the Text nodes.

the EPS reader is a simple hack which just read out the coordinates of polylines from an EPS. It does not support most of the features. Anyway that reader worked amazingly well with simple shapes. Try opening an EPS file in a Text editor - EPS is a clear text format and it is quite simple in its structure.

I’ve been doing the ai - x file route, works very well!

I tried a few 3d programs - wings3d, blender3d, and i tried exporting dxf from Illustrator but no luck - can you suggest a 3d package to try?

do you know a software to convert flash to x files ?
(like “dds converter” for dds files.)

have a look at

my problem is getting .ai(.svg/*.eps) paths into a 3d program - the only one that worked first so was swift 3d - but that does not export 3d formats.

I checked that link kalle but no luck

maya has a pretty good .ai importer. worked fine for me when i used illustrator 4 or 5 files.

If you use max, save the ai as an illustrator3 file, seems to be the only one it reads properly.

I’ve been able to get good results on importing Illustrator files using the newest Blender, but when I try to export most formats don’t seem to work with curves. It does work if you convert the curves to polys but that is unsatisfactory.