Int type?

hi, i m sorry but this (once again ) a basic question.
(i would like to to find it my own, but didn t find the correct module)

when creating a box with slider and value,
I want to define it being stricly an integer type, that no float entry is possible and selected.
how or to Wich module must it be connected ?


It realy suxx you can’t set an Iobox to integer.

Here is a trick, describing how to do it. (read the rest too and learn something ;) )

Only works for positive integers :(

You can use the Frac (Value) node to round a value off (do +0.5 first for correct rounding)

hi west !

it is very irritating that you can not use you right mouse and get the integer (a number without a decimal) values you need.

its not irritating, its rather strange and despiting.
i was affraid to ask a dummy tiring question…
but its something surely due to historical reasons.
is there no chance to have in further versions an I/o box with all the values types we want ( char long ulong int bool and so on) ?
the I/o right pin give certain option but seems not at all working …

I need to emit 0-127 values in integer for udp messages but not connected to midi node neither to midi output.
so to use a slider in integer, how to process ? i need to cheat a 127 arrays ? to call an expr to cheat a spread with n+1 values ?

hum hum … i need more times at home to look more seriously this, and understand why it couldn t …
thanks west, i will learn a lot thruth your tricks !


Here’s a trick : connect your IOBox first to a node which ask for an integer(for example Ispread) and then to your output…Should work as you expect…

Edit : ok same trick as west ;D haven’t seen this one before!

inetger.v4p (1.9 kB)

bool modes are explained in the help patch. for chars use the IOBox (string)

ok so it means we need a 2nd box to transpose in the type we want the i/o box…

thanks everybody, merci desaxismundi !

hope we will have a new implementation of the io/box with type affectable ( ;-P)