Int to Grid (vec2)?

Hi everyone,
a beginner to vvvv here.

I wish the GridSpread object could take only one Integer “Count” parameter as in the RandomSpread, CircleSpread, LinearSpread objects instead of 2D int Vector.
I have a specific number of items (10 for example) I would like to distribute them in a grid automatically.
Is there an object that does that? I can’t find any.


GridSpread produces a 2D grid as output so it takes a 2D count as input.
This way you can control if your grid is square or wider in some direction.

Question to you is what output do you expect for a grid of 10 items?
How many rows x how many columns?
Should one ‘final’ row or column be partially filled?

@tobyk Thanks for the reply.
You’re right, I didn’t explained properly.
I would like my grid to be te closest possible to a square.
For example if the Count parameter is:

  • 4 = 2x2
  • 6 = 3x2
  • 10 = 5x2
    I already know there will be problems with prime numbers.

Yeah I guess a solution to distribute 10 elements in a grid could be 3 rows with 3 columns and a final row with only 1 value:

  • [0] [1] [2]
  • [0] [1] [2]
  • [0] [1] [2]
  • [0] [-] [-]

Since I posted this in the forum I have no idea what to do, so I’m just asking what would you do if you had to display a Grid but you only have an Int for “Count” and not a Vec2(Int).



. I’m not at the laptop now but off the top of my head:

Simple way is just specify a row or column size.
Eg In your answer you said 10 should be 5x2.

So use a Int2(Create) node and put count/RowSize in X and RowSize n Y.
(So 10/2 in X and 2 in Y)

I can post a more general square solution a bit later

And here’s a solution for getting square ish results

SquareGridSpread.vl (23.1 KB)

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@tobyk Woa that’s great, thank you so much!
This works just perfect!
(note that if not in Round mode “Count” like 13 or 14 will result in a 3x4 grid, but with the Round mode on it is just perfect.)

Good catch! I missed that.
For completeness sake here’s an update with that issue fixed.
SquareGridSpread2.vl (28.7 KB)

Glad it helps!

I’ll also eventually include this in a VL.PolyTools update

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