Instancing with custom Stride DrawFX shader


here is a simple shader for instancing :

shader Instancing_DrawFX : VS_PS_Base, Texturing, InstanceWorldBuffer  
    float4 Color = float4(1, 0, 0, 1);

    override stage void VSMain()
        float4x4 w = InstanceWorld[streams.InstanceID].Matrix;
        w = mul(w, World);
        streams.ShadingPosition = mul(streams.Position, mul(w, ViewProjection));

    override stage void PSMain() 
        streams.ColorTarget = Color;

And this the test patch for it :

I might be wrong but it seems that this line isn’t “working” :
float4x4 w = InstanceWorld[streams.InstanceID].Matrix; (6.9 KB)

Any hint ?


Alright just find out.

needed to set the hidden pin IsStructuredBuffer to true on the DynamicBuffer node.

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