Instancing QuadRenderer

Can somebody please explain to me why it is not possible to instance QuadRenderers via the RenderEntity? Also tried with the MeshRenderer, am I missing something?

InstancingQuad.vl (14.3 KB)

Also I noticed some weird behaviour with the patch in the previous post: everytime I am hitting F9 after the patch was opened, the Stride renderer is opened another time, even after restarting vvvv.

Is there an advantage to using quads over using planes?

The instancing component needs a ModelComponent to work with. The QuadRenderer is like writing a custom shader, so nothing is known to the engine about that.

The shader you use has to be written to support instancing. so yes, just use a Plane and instance that.

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Thank you for your answers! I am actually trying to instance in 2D (via Stride), is that actually possible? I was trying to use WithinCommonSpace set to Normalized with a plane, but can not wrap my head around it.

2d is just 3d with a specific camera, or do you want to display it on top of the 3d scene?

I was trying to set it on top of the 3D scene, because then the position and scaling ranges are (as far as I know by now) the same like in Skia.

Okay - I guess it has to be done like so… thank you for your hints!
AlphaPlanes.vl (24.1 KB)

I would use the normal Camera node, not the OrbitCamera, since you don’t need to orbit, in this case.

for this, you can always render into a texture and then composite the final scene, or you need a custom shader that supports instancing.

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