Instancing Metaballs?

Hi all,

I´m having a hard time trying to instance metaballs in DX11.
I´m pretty new to instance noodles and I I can´t figure out if it´s me or if it´s simply not possible:


When attaching the sphere, everything works fine, but when tryin to do the same with the metaballs geometry, there is just one object.

Any ideas or information?

Best, C

Curtains_Metaball_02.v4p (34.0 KB)

Curtains_Metaball_merge.v4p (39.0 KB)


Merge(geomfx) after UV.
not able to get individual textures per instance but its the only way it wont glitch for me…
Beste Grüße,


Yeah, but exactly that is the problem to be solved.
But who knows this better than you Bryan :-D

Nice to meet you on vvvv-forums, though!

Any other suggestions? Is it perhaps possible in any way other than TempTarget -> Quad-Spreading -> Fake 3D?

Best, Chris

Another proposition which might not be what you are looking for exactly (mainly because of the volume box) but I think that it is worthy to take a look is the FieldTrip pack. It is mainly the best solution for such kind of stuff - when it comes to metaballs or other volumetric-like objects - since it is a great raymarching implementation for vvvv (yes, with nodes).
It has also some restrictions according to the number of “instances” in comparison with IN (instance noodles) but it has much more possibilities when it comes to visualization and manipulation of them.

FieldTrip Vs Noodles is basically a story of implicit vs explicit approaches. You can make stuff implicitly that’s actually very hard to do explicitly and vice versa. If you’re trying to heavily spread an SDF for example you will def run in to performance issues. But use something like domain repetition and you can actually render more then you could using normal instances. Different way of thinking.

btw if you are wanting to use multiple textures in the same draw call (as is the case in your patch) you would want to use a texture array I would think. Something like:

Yes, I´ve been using that texture-Array successfully with other instanced meshes.
Doesn´t help here, as I can´t instance the metaball-mesh.

But we´ll have a look at FieldTrip. Sounds like another option.
Bryan mentioned this way to go, too ;-)

Stay tuned for more questions, hehe!

Best, Chris

I have some array nodes in the making here that could possibly simplify and also speed up your BuildTextureArray node.

@sebl that’s great! been meaning to do that since ages. Let me know when it’s merged in to DX11 and I’ll update noodles to use it

@everyoneishappy they are already part of vux’ latest build. i just compiled the actual master which also incudes them

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