Instancing Compute Shader Issues

Hi Guys,
i’m trying to resurrect some workshop material from Node20, “Stride Deep Dive”
In particular the Image instancer example. It looks fine to me, no red nodes and the shader compiles, but i don’t get it working on recent gamma builds.

Any help would be great.

Deep (25.9 KB)

The only problem is that you have used buffers that aren’t writable on the GPU. Dynamic buffers are only for uploading fast-changing data from the CPU to GPU. The correct buffer is ComputeBuffer, see the Buffer and Texture overview help patch:

The Buffers patch should then look like: (52.2 KB)

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Little update, would it be right like that?

yes, absolutely, forgot about that. you can also set it to 0 or -1, then it gets discovered from the element size of the initial data.

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Updated version.
Deep (19.0 KB)


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