Instanced and dynamic meshes seems to have an issue with frustum culling / disapear from rendering when cam moves

while working on vr project i notived a strange behaviour, some objects just disapear when i move the camera / HMD slightly and reapear when i move the cam a bit. at first glance this behaviour apeared a bit random, but after i try to isolate the problem i think it has to do with frustum culling in conjunction with either instanced meshes and also with dynamic meshes.

for dynamic meshes which have a default transform at position 0,0,0 but its actual vertices are very far away from its orgin it looks like they get culled when the camera doesnt look at the origin but the vertices are still in camera.

a similar behaviour happens with instanced objects. culling seems to remove instanced objects. it seems like frustum culling doesnt see the instanced transforms but the transform from the uninstanced entitiy.
by changing “Model transform usage” from premultliply to postmultiply the random culling gets a bit better but i still have situations where it happens.

any ideas how to solve that? is there a way to disable frustum culling at all or per entities?

hey ele,

for dynamic meshes you also need to manually provide a bounding box.


but beware there is also a known issue even if you set the bounding box which is tracked here.

thx, ioreg, creating the tip for dynamic meshes worked out of the bounding box! even without recompiling/restarting for me…

could you explain a bit about “the model transform usages” ?

and could it be that the stride filemodel loader doesnt create a bounding box automatically as well?

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