Instance Noodles: geometry to plane, rotating along the normal

I’ve been trying to put boxes onto to planes of the vertices of a grid.

I’ve tried GetVertices and used the Position data to feed the position of the boxes but I don’t know how get boxes to follow the nomals of the material.

The centroid example seems to only work for spherical objects.
GeomToSurface1.v4p (14.1 KB)

As I know you might need to use tangents and binomials for cubes to follow at list I heared about such tech, meanwhile there is one example that does that on old dx9 particles contrib… You can start from there…

@antokhio, thanks to your pointeditorCS you’ve given me a good idea now, Your shaders and some other related nodes have begun to point the way.

Much appreciated

So a normal just being a direction vector is not as much info as an actual orientation (hence why you need tangents and binormals if you want a really correct solution) .

  • In many cases using a lookat function will be fine though, see patch attached, also explains the limitation of doing this Centroid Teapot.v4p (23.9 KB)
  • there was a small bug in the help patch you mentioned which I just fixed (thanks), it had the pos added to the normals instead of just the normals set as the lookat direction
  • if you are going to put noise in front of it make sure the noise module is set to recompute the normals if you need them later (might not be needed in this case but just to know)

also don’t forget to add a divided by 3 after the “vertex count” !!!

the centroid module does this internally already

a divide by 3 for the iidx instance count!

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