Instance Noodle and instance Text (dx11) is it possible?

Hi Everyone,

I am testing instance noodles - I open the help patch 3DNoise and try to substitute Box for Text (dx11 geometry) but nothing shows up tried vertex instancer etc and nothing.

Any help is appreciated. thank you

Most likely this because text dont have any UV coord. Try with some shader with NoTexture technique.

If the explanation too complex post your patch here

Thank you Antokhio.
If I understand you correctly to instance text I need a different shader with a notexture technique - so in order to get instance noodle or fieldtrip contributions to work with text I will need to have shading experience and modify existing shaders?
Curl (VF3D.Operators) help Instancing text.v4p (32.3 KB)
3DNoise (3d Buffer) trying to instance text geometry.v4p (36.5 KB)

here are the two patches -

You can add automatic UVs to a geometry with the UV_Coords module in noodles. I think you may run in to a secondary issue of the text node not being ‘instanceable’ though. That’s just speculation though.

So here is your trouble:

and cure
3dNoise (5.5 KB)

Antokhio that is very interesting how you made that work! I think I understand the principle of noTexture technique. This is a great foundation. Super!

Thank you for the help antokhio and everyoneishappy.

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