Installer issue : overwriting an existing install

Hi all

Been away a while…

Really excited to start learning Stride with VL (even though I’ve no idea how to even start I admit it feels like almost piracy to get ahold of it at this stage!)

I noticed there’s now a Help Browser in the newer version - great addition!
But for me it’s just an empty white window.
(I presume the Help Browser uses the internet? Maybe a server is down?)

So I tried re-installing (also the installer itself is a great addition) and noticed this little glitch:
it seems that re-installing on top of a previous install doesn’t work (tried 4 times also with elevated permissions).

Trying then to uninstall gives this error:

I think I can hack around it here, but install issues might be tricky for new users especially if it’s their first impression of the software.

hey elliot, welcome back!

i remember the white helpbrowser being reported once before. there it turned out to be an overly excited antivirus program quarantining some vvvv files which cause that issue. could this be the case?

regarding the installation issue: i tried just that: running the installer again after a first successfull install and it just worked for me. if you have any further clue re how to reproduce, please let us know.

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