Installer doesn't ask for path

The installer still doesn’t let me decide where to install vvvv Beta on a system that had vvvv installed previously.

Possibly related:
When not correctly uninstalling vvvv gamma or beta, there seem to be a lot of leftovers in the registry that cannot be removed anymore. Maybe the uninstaller could be more intelligent here?

This one should be fixed in new previews. Let me know if you still have problems with that.

that’s the default behavior, the uninstaller get’s created by the system. i think if you delete any software that you installed via an installer, you will have this problem.

we could make a registry cleaner, but currently, there are more pressing things. so that’s lower on the priority list.

so, for now, I can only recommend clicking the uninst000.exe next to vvvv.exe or via the windows dialog to uninstall, this is quick and cleans everything up.

if you have time, you could also patch a cleaner… get reg-key, check whether the file is still there and delete reg-key if not.