Installation of vvvv

Sorry for a real newbie comment.

I downloaded your 33beta11 kit and extracted it to the directory C:/programme/vvvv/

Unfortunately I get the message that the program cannot be runned because ‘bin/D3DX92ab.dll’ was not found. Re-Install could solve the problem.

How can I proceed?

I am working with Windows XP on an Fujitsu Siemens Amilo with 1.4 GHz and 512 MB RAM with an ATI 9700 Mobility Radeon.


make sure u start vvvv with admin rights, have the latest direct-x drivers installed and the latest graphicscard driver.

Hi Angel!

thx for your reply!

graphics card driver and directX 9c are installed, admin rights are positive.


so it says \bin\D3DX92ab.dll is missing…is that really the case? actually that file comes with vvvv.

if it still says missing even when it’s there i’d also suggest that directx9c is not installed. if you still say you have that installed…hmm…

Hi Joreg,

thank you for your reply!

You are right! I have found D3DX92ab.dll in the zip-file. Strange.
Is it possible that there is any DirectX component missing?

I will doublecheck that. CU!

to control your directx-installation, run DXDIAG (from the “run” command line, win+R in explorer) and see what is says…

i dont know if it helps, but dx9.0c seems not to be dx9.0c, i remember that one has to install the latest release, which can be found on softpedia for example.

… thank you all for your help!

Is it possible that one has to install a directory ‘\bin’ under the vvvv-directory? When I try that, vvvv starts up smoothly.

\bin should be in the vvvv directory by default! dont move it anywhere else…