Install problem


I downloaded the latest beta and could’nt run the installer; I get an error message saying the app couldn’t start because d3dx9_30.dll is missing.
Does this mean the download was corrupted?



install the latest directX:

but before, please upload a screenshot of the error message, i’d like to put it on the downloads page…

OK here’s a screenshot…sorry it’s in French!

haha, thank you, lets see how to put it there in a decent way…

hi community,

total and utter supernoob here! cant install vvvv - first I got the same error message like vimcortez, saying I´m missing that d3dx9_30.dll. then I ran an update to my directx and tried again. now, another error message tells me I´m missing the “bin\ode.dll”.
whats that about? any ideas to fix this?
remember, supernoob alert!

thanks for any hints towards the right direction!

have you unpacked the whole zip file? maybe you are using the windows explorer zip functionality to browse into the zip file?