Inspektor text not aligning to grid

Hi devvvvs

this little bug has been annoying me for some time aka. versions. it is persisting in beta29.2.

when opening the inspektor, the label column does not align with the parameters. see attached screenshot.

I have set the text size in windows to 100%, this is where the behavior is. when I set it to 125% the text aligns nicely, but then the text in all the nodes looks really strange.

I am on win7 pro, 64bit


EDTI: added screenshot of inspektor

Remember this one too:

hm…do you still have this in latest alpha builds?

yes, same behavior in latest alpha just downloaded it and ran it. both x64 and x86. and with and without aero

Can’t confirm this on W7_64 and a29.3, looks fine here.

I know this is a special case and I certainly don’t see it everywhere. but i believe it has been like this at least with my current computer and the previous one. so it might be some setting that I do that is not that common to do.