Inside blob area

hello V people :D

I have been trying to figure out how to get the area of a blob in order to have activity just inside of this area blob ,
but after some days i don,t seem to have enough knowledge to do it , could you please help me out ?

insideshape2.v4p (25.3 kB)

Eay m8, Nice blob simulator :)

Well, you know the center (x and y) and the height and width off your blob, so you can map your values inside this box.

The thing is that blob is rotating, so you need to adjust your values to that, great way for doing this is with an ApplyTransform node, because orientation is a bit simulair to rotating.

Once again, I never worked with blobs, but I doubt they always come out nice and rectangle, so I am not sure if this would help you.

insideshape2-1.v4p (39.7 kB)

Hi West nice to see your reply and thanks you for your example patch .

what i was looking for is that ramdom quads adapt dynamicly to the movement and size of the blob , here i attached your example with a little attemp and my weekends attemp so you see what i mean , still the quads behave badly and get out of the blob ,naughty naughty quads ;D .

yes blobs do not tend to be reactagle hehhe , but would be nice to get the closest rectangle that i blob can make .


insideshape2-2.v4p (43.2 kB)

and the other

insideshapeatempt.v4p (37.7 kB)

like this?

insideshape2.v4p (26.8 kB)

This is getting interesting and very close , thanks tonfilm , still when the the blob change position the quads get out of it as you can see in the patch

insideshape3.v4p (28.4 kB)

to detect if a blob is inside or outside i get the position of each first slice of a contour ( from the freeframe ), with the binzize i know where is the first slice of each contour then i use the pipet to check on the video output from the contour if the color is green or red .
but i don ´t know if it was you are searching for…

And i think you can also use the pipet to check if your position is on white or black and also use the green or red as border …

hello sanch , i,m not sure ?, i think you mean how to find holes on a blob , never thouhgt of using pipet for this thank you , may be i can use for this purpouse too ,
what i mean for example :
you have the blob of an arm and , i,d like to have some ramdom quads moving inside of the area of the blob that move when the blob moves but they still have their ramdom move through and inside of the blob not touching anything outside , in the patches above it is almost there but when you move the position of the blob they get out and should not touch anything out ,
thanks guys for your help and patience .