Input Values

Since beta10: When connecting an IO-Box to some input pin, changing its value and then disconnecting it, the pins value gets set to zero.

Hope it’s a bug and not a feature…


hmm. can you provide an example? i can not reproduce this right away. in any case this would be a bug. what does the renderer (tty) say?

Well yes… It must be a bug…
Try the following:

  • create a “Segment (DX9)” node
  • create an IO-Box (Value Advanced)
  • connect it with the “Inner Radius” pin
  • change the value using your mouse
  • disconnect the IO-Box and now check the value held by the “Inner Radius” pin

If it works correctly, repeat the connecting/changing/disconnecting process a few times until it fails.

I guess this could be some kind of nasty evaluation problem…

confirmed. same here!

confirmed. the first time it failed, after that everything worked fine…