Input pin in tokenizer?

I’m having some troubles reading some data from arduino, the board is reading voltage fluctuations to trigger video clips , I need to have the video running until it completes the length ,sometimes I get unwanted variations of voltage from the arduino board , there is nothing I can do about that,so my question is simple .
" I want to switch off tokenizer while the video is running and switch on when finished the video , unfortunately the tokenizer “Update” pin does not accept the " =value " or “toggle” out pins ,…how do I convert the tog edge or toggle out pins to be accepted by the update pin from tokenizer ???

appreciate in anyone can help , I would include the patch sample but I’m writing on Mac for the moment .

Since I haven’t seen the Patch, you can try a frame delay, look here for more information about feedback loops.

But perhaps you can smooth your Arduino Values to compensate for the fluctuations?