Input Output Pins missing within Interface

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Small Bug upcoming. But maybe this is on purpose…

Within an Interface the Input Output Pins are missing in the Nodebrowser.
Input Output Pins Missing in Nodebrowser within Interface

When you copy paste some from a class they suddenly appear again.
Input Output Pins Reappear

You have to add the Operation you want to define for the pins to show up in the nodebrowser. If there is no Operation, no IO pins are offered as there’s no Operation for them to be assigned to.

Anyways pasting fixes it because it adds the Operation.

The whole Interface implementation in the IDE is still quite rough around the edges though, that’s for sure.

For your sanity I suggest having the “patch explorer” open as it reveals more details about the state of the patch - including the operation popping up after pasting the pin.


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Ah ok! That’s a learning! Thanks a lot

Yes, that’s the reason interfaces aren’t officially supported yet. But very high up the priority list.

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