Inject multitouch events

Hi all

i want to control a Windows PC with vvvv. Is there any node to inject MultiTouch events into the system?

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Use Touch (devices Windows)

Hi Sune

Thx for answer, but it seems, this is the wrong way ;)

I don’t want to control vvvv! I want to control a windows machine with vvvv and inject touch and keyboard events to any desktop application.



If single touch / mouse emulation is sufficient you can try Inputsimulator. I used it recently with LeapMotion and it works quite nicely.
There are also:

Hi Bjoern

THX, will try it!

Hi Bjoern

Do you have a hint, how to use nuget packages? What i can find are instructions how to create/ publish nugets… but not how to import them ;)

Thanks and greetings


You can have a look here:

But I guess your best bet would be the Node20 workshop bundle and watch:

  • Using .NET NuGets by @sebescudie
  • Turning a .NET library into a VL library by @elias

Or pay someone (like me :) to wrap it for you.

THX a lot. Will have a look into the Node20 workshop!



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