Infrared Tracking of Performers

One Sentence: Whats happening in your workshop?
Have you gotten beyond the 4.5m depth limitation of the Kinect? Do you want to track performers and other objects on a full size stage? Then come and learn what is infrared light, what hardware will we hack together to capture it, how do we analyse it, and what’s the best workflow to get it into modern dx11.

What 3 tags describe your workshop?
tracking, human, dancers

In which of the three categories does your workshop fall: beginner, intermediate, advanced

How long will your workshop be?

Who is the target audience of your workshop?
Anyone who is interested in capturing and manipulating the movement data of people on a stage or another large area.
Suitable for programmers and non-programmers (eg dancers and choreographers)
Bring your own laptop with vvvv on it and I will stream data to you.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
Basic vvvv patching, although non-programmers could still learn about the technique and limitations of infrared tracking.

What will attendees of your workshop learn?
-What is infrared light and how do we reliably control its behaviour. What sources do and don’t create infrared light and why that’s important.
-Infrared cameras, cabling and capture at the computer
-Patching a basic infrared tracking system in vvvv, with an attractor field output
-Analysis approaches of background subtraction vs finding contours
-Networked play session where I push the tracking data over the network for users to manipulate on their own laptops (also so I can give them some helper patches)
-Integrating the tracking system into a touring performance

What technical requirements does your workshop have (apart from internet and a projector)?

  • A large enough space to do tracking, ideally a stage but 6 - 8m space will work.
  • Some older theatre lights with barndoors on floorstands (eg 650w fresnels)
  • A dimmer pack suitable for the lights
  • A tripod
  • A network so I can stream tracking data
  • Ideally a dancer or performer to work with, although maybe volunteers from the audience will be better.

Who would be the two hosts?
Toby K
? - Could it be you? Alternatively I will be in Germany from February this year and could find a local choreographer to help?

How would the hosts qualify for the topic? (Describe and add links to portfolio website, github, vimeo,… accounts)
Toby K - Interactive artist from Australia. I’ve been using infrared tracking with vvvv for dance work since 2006.