Infrared Tracking and Particle Collision


i’m fairly new to vvvv and, first of all, wanted to thank you for this nice project.
at the moment i have a little project going on where i’m stuck with ideas.
maybe you can give me some advice how to achieve my goal.

i got a wecam with a removed ir-filter. i covered it with lighting gels so almost none wavelengh other than ir-waves can pass.
in addition i got some tungsten fixtures, also covered with the gels.
the image looks good and promising.
the goal is the following setup:


So people can play with particles while seeing their shadows on the screen, captured by the ir cam.
now my patch includes the video-source in combination with “Frank’s” background-substraction shader which gives me a nice black and white layer/texture of my persons silhouette.
next i tried to use the contour plugin to generate point-coordinates of the silhouette. i tried to use these points with box2d’s EdgeChain.
But THAT doesnt seem to be the right way imo.

can you please point me in the right direction how to use my b&w texture to interact with particles or box2d shapes? can i convert the texture in a box2d shape?

thanks for your help

nobody can help me here? any clue? any old patches?

maybe its a problem, that box2d only works with convex shapes?

might some combination with DestroyShape might work… If you post some basic patch of what you are having right now and an image from your camera i can take a look.

Hiya, I’ve done tracking with theatre lights and gel on camera before.

For this to work the picture I was getting through the camera was already white blob over black via the use of filters, no other software processing.

The way I did was to make the video stream go VideoIn>Contour>Trautner>Videotexture>Quad>Renderer

That Renderer is then used as a preview screen. I found that contour won’t work properly unless the video is visible somewhere. The data generated by contour is sent out to do all the visuals (along with the rate of change from trautner) so that there are no problems sending video streams to multiple renderers/devices.

See attached for a version running a basic particle system.

DerformerExample.v4p (17.4 kB)