Hey patchers,

I have an USB Infrared-receiver-device and want to get data (primitive values) out of it.
Has somebody experience with the nuget HIDDevices
It seems it is the HID-nuget which is recently updated.
Some Ideas to list (enumerate) my connectetd devices and get an item from it. I don’t get it.


…so far…

Thanks very much


Ok for now I switched to HidSharp.
There I get a list of 13 devices.
When I unplug the IR-Device the list shows 5 devices. Nevermind I tested all these new devices
It is a little instable - sometimes the whole vvvv freezes - also in the similar nugets like HidLibrary and HIDDevices
Anyway - I do not understand how to read out the data for now.

I will keep you up to date.


HIDEnumerationIR_HidSharp.vl (12.5 KB)

Maybe check out VL.Devices.SpaceMouseHID it uses and unofficial nuget package of HidLibrary to read data from 3DConnexion™ SpaceMice.

I also had some strange issues with vvvv acting up and freezing during development. Some of it is documented in this thread: