Infobubble about what is missing or not set correct

Today when I needed Text (EX9.Geometry) I messed around a bit until I googled and discovered that it needs the parameter /dx9.

Pretty easy

But it got me thinking about having a feature where if you use a node that will not work with the current settings, it gets perhaps not red, but highlighted in some way and hovering the mouse on the node could have an Infobubble or something similar that would tell you what is required to make it work.

In the simplest incarnation it could just be that the info bubble was always there

Or, as a start until a solution like sunep one gets done, a Nota Bene in the helppatch…

good point. added helppatch + nota bene.
also the infobubble is good thinking of course and i can only say VL already has a concept for such things…

could it be that the node wiki pages had a dependencies section that was automatically added to the “infobubble” for that node when it was compiled into a new version? this way we could all add this info as it is discovered.

@sunep: yes, something like this is the plan. somehow make a bridge between website and offline info.

cool… no text …